What Are The Top Logo and Branding Trends for 2019?

The Top Logo and Branding Trends for 2019

What Are The Top Logo and Branding Trends for 2019?

All branding efforts begin with introspection. What type of brand are you, modern or traditional? Who is your target audience, primarily men or women; young or old? Once these questions have been answered, you can begin to develop your brand voice. A brand is your personality, it speaks to your customers before you do, telling them what you are about and signalling to them your brand’s place in their sphere. That said, great branding still holds its power in 2019 for what it can do for your business. We have scoured the internet for the latest trends on logos and branding and compiled a summary of them for you, here.

Top Logo and Branding Trends in 2019


  1. Variable Designs
  2. Geometric Shapes
  3. Negative Space
  4. Flat 2.0


1. Variable Designs Trend

In the current technological age, with so many different platforms, recommended sizes, and contexts, logos should be able to shapeshift to match the context or platform they are being used in. For example, at Dezzo Branding, we have our ‘full logo’ and the simplified version. We then use each logo that has been optimised to where it works best. On a mobile app? Use the simple version. On a T-shirt? Use the full logo. For a print banner? Use the full logo. You should neglect the ‘never change your logo’ ideology to make your branding more relatable but also maintaining consistency in the process.

2. Geometric Shape Trend

This is a great and exciting trend in 2019 that uses shapes, abstract designs and patterns to form your branding. This style is appealing not only because of the aesthetically-pleasing aspect of the mathematical perfection of shapes, but also because the extent to which shapes can be used is enormous. Beyond using shapes for your logo, you can use them to form a patterned background in your promotional material that will make it eye-catching, on your product packaging to stand out, or you may also use it in your store and office interior design as a focus wall. Using geometric shapes in the ways mentioned above are visually-appealing, while allowing you to stay true to your brand identity and maintain overall consistency.

3. Negative Space Trend

We love this branding trend so much that we have used it in our own branding. The trend makes use of empty space as part of your designs, to better communicate a hidden element or message. There are many creative ways to show something by actually leaving it out, such as the ‘B’ for branding in our logo.

4. Flat Designs 2.0 Trend

The biggest trend over the past few years has been the shift toward flat logos that are generally much simpler than their intricate counter-parts. The shift has been triggered by mobile-optimisation and overall ease-of-use, enabling you to add your logo onto almost any material and platform. In much more recent times, the flat designs have developed into flat 2.0 or semi-flat, where there is a presence of subtle shadows that make way for an improved visual hierarchy while also enhancing your designs.

Is your brand versatile? Can your brand work on different media?

When creating promotional and branding material such as banners, point-of-sale solutions and exhibitions, it is so important that your branding is optimised so that we can create items that best represent your brand. Remember, a good brand identity is functional, can adjust to different settings and is identifiable even from afar. Get in touch with us to find out how a consistent brand voice can add value to your business.