We Can Rebrand Your Business in Spring!

We Can Rebrand Your Business in Spring!

Spring is the perfect time to bring a breath of fresh air into your business, especially your branding! Rebranding is a lengthy process that requires a lot of focus and specialised knowledge to be successful and increase your business’s sales and brand awareness. To help you understand the rebranding process and how we at Dezzo Branding can help you, we have put together the blog below. Check it out…

Why You Might Need a Rebrand

Contemplating a rebrand can be daunting for companies of any size, but those that have been around for a number of years may feel they have more at risk. Rebranding is usually considered when a business has encountered one (or more) of these four major issues:

  • After a well-publicised scandal, the public can associate negative feelings with your brand or its main role-players. It can be effective to rebrand your business to separate your product from the scandal.
  • Something outside of your control has happened, and now your business name or product is somehow associated to that event, which is undesirable for your business. This is called a negative trigger, and can be remedied with a rebrand.
  • Expanding your product or service offerings can require a rebrand so that your new additions align with your company image, branding and values.
  • After years in business, our original branding can become outdated. A rebrand can be launched in order to exemplify the innovation within your company and reinforce your competitive edge within your industry.

Rebrand to Re-establish Your Mission and Values

One major suggestion we can offer when you rebrand your business in Spring is to utilise the opportunity to solidify your company’s mission and values are, and demonstrate how your business meets these standards. Your clients will have come to trust you and your business based on the values you hold, therefore maintaining these is important to maintaining the trust you have built.

Rebranding shows your audience that you are re-examining who you are and what you want to achieve. This rebranding exercise can help you to reconnect with your customers or to guide them in your new direction.

Simple Steps to Rebranding with Dezzo

With Dezzo Branding, you can achieve a professional and effective rebrand. We utilise our creative ingenuity and design experience to bring custom branding solutions to businesses across KwaZulu-Natal. You can rebrand your business in Spring with these basic steps:

  1. We examine your brand and collectively identify core ideas and values that should remain.
  2. We help you identify your target market and how to expand upon it.
  3. Together, we redefine your company persona to match target market.
  4. We discuss your rebranding vision and update your marketing material accordingly.
  5. After the rebrand, we advise you on promoting your new brand.
  6. You can now gather data and track ROI to determine the success of our campaign!

The Dezzo Branding Solution

Dezzo Branding want to help you achieve your goals and grow your brand. Bring your brand to us and we can help you to rebrand your business in Spring for a fresh start-over. Contact us to discuss your branding needs and how we can exceed your expectations.