Wallpaper Printing Ideas Your Business Will Love

24 Jul Wallpaper Printing Ideas Your Business Will Love

More and more businesses around the world are covering their boring monotone walls with vibrant and engaging wallpaper printing solutions. Wallpaper printing is a multiphase process, which starts with a paper or fabric canvas in the desired size. The desired pattern or graphic is then printed onto the foundation material and is then coated with a wet wheat or corn-starch paste and left to dry. Wallpaper printing is exceptionally breath-taking when done by professional branding companies, so let’s have a look at some wallpaper printing ideas your business will love!

Informative Wallpaper Printing in Texas 

This stunning wallpaper printing job utilises colours and text to inform onlookers as to the copy services offered by the University of Texas. This is a smart way to decorate a dull wall while conveying vital service offering information to patrons.


Visually Captivating Wallpaper Printing in Australia 

Gamberwell had one goal in mind when asking for this wallpaper printing job; it needed to make patrons feel like they were actually in a citrus orchard. This vibrant snapshot of an orange tree transforms the wall into something spectacular.


Artistic Wallpaper Printing in Durban 

Galito’s in Durban asked Dezzo Branding to print their super artistic in-store wallpaper printing solutions for their walls. The design utilises both text and vector images – and the colours used are superbly brand-aligned.



Wallpaper Printing in Durban

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