How Print Media Increases Brand Loyalty

Published ads have a greater chance of growing your audience and increasing brand loyalty.

How Print Media Increases Brand Loyalty

Print Media is the tried and tested method of broadening a business’ growth. Numerous companies are increasing brand loyalty through print media- Dezzo branding are going to tell you how!

Through various forms of print media you will grow your business, increase brand loyalty and reach a wider audience in no time! Keep reading to discover the 5 ways that print media increase brand loyalty;

1. Print is Memorable

It has been proven that if a person is able to see, touch and feel an advert, they are more likely to remember what it was about. In today’s day and age, people are overwhelmed by online adverts and campaigns, therefore by receiving a simple, printed pamphlet, they are more likely to remember it, as well as your company’s name.

2. Print Enhances Promotions

A form of print can be loyalty cards and promotions on flyers. Customers are more likely to remember promotions if they are on paper, such as ‘Get 10% off your coffee when you produce this flyer’, rather than via email. Loyalty cards are a great way to increase brand loyalty, as customers who have an incentive to return, are more likely to remain loyal to one particular business. Sticking to the coffee example, if a customer has a loyalty-stamp card which states their tenth coffee is free, they are more likely to continuously return to that coffee shop, rather than one of the other hundred in the city.

3. A Higher Level of Trust is Associated with Print Media

Comparing print media to online media, most people trust print more. This is simply due to the higher level of ethics required for print media. It is much harder to have something printed in the media than it is to get published online, therefore if it is printed than it must be true. Having your business printed in a local newspaper or magazine is far more impressive and memorable for a potential customer than those who see adverts online and posted on Facebook, therefore your business will be the first that comes to mind when your services are required.

4. Newsletters Keep Customers Informed

Sending out a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep regular customers informed and loyal to your brand. By informing them on latest products and happenings of your business, customers will feel more like family. You can make it exciting and something people look forward to by including things like competitions they can enter and last month’s winners.

5. Print Reaches More People

If you are trying to broaden the audience of your business, then print media is the way to do it. People are more likely to come across your business if you send them flyers in the mail or in newspapers, simply because they are forced to go through their mail regularly and many have a routine of skimming through the local newspaper. Therefore, you stand more of a chance reaching them than through a dozen similar ad online. Print adds have been proven to perform 10-30 percent better than emailed ads.

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