The Travelling Salesman’s Branding Dictionary


03 Aug The Travelling Salesman’s Branding Dictionary

Travelling sales reps are constantly on the road, driving along the many highways and byways of South Africa while promoting their company’s services or products wherever they stop over. These cross-country trips often take travelling salesmen to trade fairs, exhibitions and various other opportunities to promote their organisation’s brand. Portable, light-weight, easy to set up branding solutions are essential tools of the mobile sales craft, so take a look at four portable branding options straight from our Travelling Salesmen’s Branding Dictionary…

A is for A-Frame Banner

The first essential branding tool every travelling salesman needs in his boot is a branded a-frame banner. These lightweight eye-catchers are super easy to set up, and can be used in practically any weather (except hurricanes). For the lowdown on how to use these portable branding must-haves, read up on how to use an a-frame banner from our Dezzo Branding blog archive. The two rectangular panels that make up the banner can be made from a range of durable materials, and your company branding can be applied in vibrant colours that are sure to turn heads wherever you decide to deploy the banner.

B is for Banner Wall

Banner walls are really big when they’re set up, but fold up small enough to fit into a gym bag! As far as one-man branding solutions go, banner walls certainly take the lion’s share of attention when displayed for promotional purposes. The concertina frame folds out as a unit and clips into place, and the actual banner is fastened on with Velcro. Take your travelling branding one level higher by opting for a curved banner wall, something you really don’t see every day! Check out this article for reasons why your brand needs a banner wall, and consider a branded banner wall for your travelling sales promotion needs.

C is for Curvehead Flag

Got an outdoor trade fair or exhibition you’re hoping to attend on your travels? You’ll want to take a curvehead flag along for the trip! Branded curvehead flags are essentially vertical strips of rectangular material featuring company branding attached to a sturdy aluminium frame. These eye-catching outdoor branding solutions range from two metres high to nearly five metres high for serious brand exposure! For more information on curveheads, here’s another blog article from our Dezzo Branding archive: what are curvehead banner flags?

D is for Director’s Chair

Trade fairs and exhibitions are often lengthy endeavours, and every so often seating arrangements for exhibitors are looked over – leaving tired travelling salesmen in an upright position for the duration of the event. Take your exhibition seating solution into your own hands by travelling with a branded director’s chair! These fold-out branding solutions are wooden beach chairs featuring a digital print applied to both sides of a woven polyester material. When strategically positioned, director’s chairs are easy to spot and are interesting conversation pieces.

Professional Branding Solutions in Durban

Dezzo Branding, and our dedicated team of branding professionals, is highly skilled in the art of effectively conveying a brand message through physical promotional mediums. We have worked with blue chip South African organisations, as well as assisting countless smaller companies boost their organisational branding through the use of the above branding solutions, and a whole bunch more! Get in touch with Dezzo today, and see what we can do for your company branding.