The Risks and Rewards of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Exhibition Stands at Trade Shows Have Many Risks and Rewards

The Risks and Rewards of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Trade shows can bring an untold amount of value to prospective exhibitors if their exhibition stands and marketing techniques are robust enough to stand out from the crowd. Dezzo Branding are capable of designing, manufacturing and branding your exhibition stands to perfection so that you can catch eyes and attract business at any event. There are a number of risks and rewards of exhibition stands at trade shows, and we will explore them with you in the blog below.

The Rewards of Exhibitions

Exhibition stands at trade shows can add a vast amount of value to your business if designed well and executed with enthusiasm and flair. Below we have collected some of the rewards associated with trade shows:

Increased Brand Awareness:
Setting up an exhibition stand at a trade show allows you to present your brand to an abundance of industry stakeholders and consumers alike. You will be able to demonstrate your product or service effectively and captivate prospective buyers with dynamic exhibition stands, eye-catching branding and face-to-face interaction.

With the right exhibition stand, you can make a powerful and lasting impression in the minds of your audience, which is helpful to push conversion. To get the right focus on your brand, consider Dezzo Branding’s expert exhibition stand service.

Opportunity for Face-to-Face Marketing:
Face-to-face marketing can be vital to influencing consumers to make decisions and follow through with their purchases. Face-to-face engagement with current and prospective industry stakeholders is especially effective for promoting your product or service, demonstrating how it works, and collecting instant feedback from your audience.

Market Research and Trend Identification:
You will find that one of the pros of trade shows is the ability to gain important marketing insights and spot trends that you and your business can capitalise on. At exhibitions, you can get a feel for what your competitors are up to (and what the response is like), stay up to date with new technology, listen to keynote speakers, and get a true feel for what the audience enjoys and values. This allows you to alter your own plans, marketing techniques and future projects to fall in line with upcoming industry trends and consumer expectations.

The Risks of Exhibitions

Exhibitions can, unfortunately, have a few risks and cons that may deter attendees. It is important to consider the risks of trade shows to weigh up whether or not you think the experience will be beneficial to your business. Some of the risks of trade shows include:

Cost of Exhibiting:

Although trade shows and exhibitions are a cost-effective word-of-mouth and networking exercise given the number of attendees, that are rather pricey to outlay for. Over and above exhibitor and sponsor fees, your business will have to construct an exhibition stand, travel to and from the trade show, purchase promotional items, allocate staffing and have leftover to cover incidental costs as well. This is no small feet for most businesses! We suggest that you conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether a trade show is more or less beneficial than investing in inbound marketing techniques such as content marketing, SEO, social media and personal branding.

Leads Might Not Be Qualified:

Trade shows are excellent for generating a large amount of leads, however, not all of these leads will be qualified and lead to conversions. Some of your audience members will express interest and walk away with some promotional items but they may not end up buying your product. Decision makers are not extremely populous, but it is up to you put your best marketing foot forward and guide your leads towards closing a deal.

The Dezzo Branding Solution

If exhibition stands sound like the right marketing technique for you, consider employing the expertise of a design and branding specialist such as Dezzo Branding. We provide a turnkey solution for your exhibition needs, from exhibition stand design and manufacture to assembly and more. You can contact us today for more information about our exhibition stands and how we can help you brand your business.