The Pros & Cons of Vehicle Wrapping

a trailer branded by Dezzo Branding

The Pros & Cons of Vehicle Wrapping

Of all the options available to help you increase your brand’s visibility, we at Dezzo Branding believe that car wrapping is perhaps the easiest. You already have a vehicle (or more than one) and you already have a brand. You just have to put them together and you have a moving billboard everywhere you go.

Weighing Up Your Vehicle Wrapping Options

That being said, it is still a branding method that has its share of pros and cons. Before you go ahead and order your car branding, consider the points covered in this blog.

PRO #1: You Promote Your Brand all the Time Without Trying

Once your car is branded, you are literally advertising everywhere you go, whether you’re working or not. On the road, in the parking lot, or in your driveway, you are exposing your brand while thinking about other things. Who wouldn’t want that kind of effortless promotion?

CON #1: You Now Represent Your Brand All The Time

This is the downside of that constant exposure. How could this be a bad thing though? Well, what about the next time you or any other member of your team should lose your temper in traffic? Fellow road users will no longer see just an anonymous irate motorist, they will see an angry – possibly rude – driver clearly associated with YOUR BRAND! You’re a 24-hour brand ambassador and will have to watch your behaviour and hone your diplomacy skills accordingly.


PRO #2: Vehicle Wrapping Offers Very High Exposure

A study conducted in the US showed that a vehicle wrap can reach anywhere between 30 000 and 70 000 people per day. This outstrips the impact of roadside signage and radio advertising. By anyone’s standards, that is very worthwhile ad spend.

CON #2: It Is Impossible to Keep a Low Profile in a Wrapped Vehicle

Being on display all the time is fine if you run the kind of business where neither you nor your clients will have any problem with people knowing what you do. A plumber’s branded vehicle parked outside a house is not likely to cause any privacy concerns for the homeowner in question. On the other hand, if you run a business that requires more discretion, then car wrapping wouldn’t be for you.

PRO #3: It is Easy to Repair or Remove Vehicle Wrapping

If your wrapping starts to fray, break or fade, or even if you decide to refresh your brand and need to redo the wrap completely, it’s very easy to remove the current wrap and put on a new one. The only other branding that is this quick to fix and amend is in the digital space.

CON #3: Vehicle Wrapping Does Not Last as Long as You May Expect

Any rust, dirt or paintwork problems on your vehicle will compromise the adhesion of the vinyl film and may result in bubbles or peeling. The quality of the film itself is also a factor here. Your wrap is susceptible to wear and tear, the stresses of daily travel, as well as weather conditions.

Explore Vehicle Wrapping & Your Other Branding Options with Dezzo

Vehicle wrapping is only one of many printed branding solutions available to you. Contact us to learn more about us or to discuss how you can get the most out of vehicle wrapping, or the various other ways in which we can get your brand out there.