The Guide to Unconventional Signage Ideas

Neon Sign on Wall

The Guide to Unconventional Signage Ideas

Everyone knows the importance of good branding by now, but do they know how to achieve it effectively? With the help of a professional branding company, you can creative unique and unconventional signage that attracts customers and propagates your brand identity. Old, tired signage ideas are out – unconventional signage ideas are in! Take a look at some of our signage ideas and try them out for yourselves…

Things to Remember When Creating Signage

There are a number of branding basics we want you to remember before embarking on your unconventional signage adventures. Colour, content and font all play a huge role in the success of your signage, particularly when it is positioned outdoors.

Readability: Your signage should take no longer than 3.5 to 5 seconds to read, and fonts should be simple, impactful and legible from a distance. For large billboards, remember that for every ten feet of height, the wording should be one foot tall. Your business and service should be clearly legible on your signage to put across a clear and concise brand message.

Design and Legibility: Make use of white space cleverly, using the background of your signage to highlight your text. Avoid cluttered text and images so that your brand message is clear and easy to read, quickly. Your brand colours should be used in your signage consistently, and create a contrast that is visually pleasing, as well as conducive to reading in all types of weather. Refrain from creating signage in all caps, as the letter uniformity makes it more difficult to read at a distance.

Now that we have cleared that up, let’s move on to some unconventional signage ideas that can make your brand pop at any event or location.

Power to the Customer

Are you looking at your loyal customers as an autonomous branding device? No offence, but you should be. Your most loyal customers are essentially brand ambassadors that aren’t on payroll; they go out into the world talking about your business, posting pictures with your products, inviting their friends to join them and more.

Do not overlook your customers as a branding technique: launch signage that encourages customers to take pictures with your product, staff, or branding and post them on social media to get small discounts or benefits. Reach out to your customers in ways and on platforms that they frequent – traditional signage and branding is all fine and dandy but if your customers are on Facebook and not reading the newspaper, how do you expect to reach your target audience?

Branded Event Barriers

Barriers are imperative at events for funnelling crowds, guiding attendees and restricting access to certain areas. Due to their expansive presence, it makes perfect sense to absolutely drench them in your best signage! Try out some creative, unconventional signage ideas to interest attendees waiting in line, and your contribution to their boredom busting might not go unnoticed…

Stairs for Signage Success

Many may overlook stairs as a branding opportunity, but they present a fun and interesting challenge to marketers. Their tiered and angled shape encourages you to create unconventional signage that creates a message running up and down the stairs. Most people look down when climbing or descending a flight of stairs: capitalise on it!

Behold: The Bathroom

Everyone – literally everyone on the planet – has to go to the bathroom multiple times per day, and your event or location can bank on this fact. The bathroom has a multitude of places perfect for unconventional branding, from the mirrors to the back of stall doors. Your audience, when in the bathroom, is already pretty captive, therefore it only makes sense that you should provide them with some interesting material to peruse.

Car Wraps Equal Cash

Car wraps are a super cool way of creating signage that is eye-catching, affordable and mobile. With a wrapped car, your branding travels everywhere you or your fleet go, generating a fantastic reach and return on investment. Lead generation is great with branded car wraps and your revenue is bound to increase as you travel. Link your car wrap to your social media by including your handles and usernames, as well as contact details, logo, brand colours and concise message.

So 21st Century: Charging Stations

If everyone is always glued to their phone then why not become a god to them and create a branded charging station at your event? Not only will this allow your attendees to continue snapping pics and posting about the event and your brand, but it will ingratiate your audience to you. Whilst waiting for their charge, your audience will soak up your brand message, and potentially point more people in its direction.

We want to create unconventional signage with you! Give us a shout to chat about your branding needs and how we can exceed your expectations and get people talking about your business.