The Benefits of Different Banners and their Uses

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The Benefits of Different Banners and their Uses

Promoting your business is, well, tricky business – but it doesn’t have to be! With the effective use of various branded banners, you can promote your brand indoors, outdoors, and wherever else you feel like it! Check out a few banners and their promotional uses right here:

A-Frame Banners

Banner Benefits - A-Frame Banner A-frame banners have been around for a while, and they’re not going anywhere! As effective outdoor and indoor promotional solutions, A-frame banners are often considered bread-and-butter portable branding items for the company that likes to take their brand message on the road. Not sure how to utilise branded a-frame banners? Check out this blog article on a-frame banners and their uses!

Quick Banners

Banner Benefits - Quick Banners Quick banners hint at their major benefit in their name – their super quick to deploy! Often called sharkfin or teardrop banners, branded quick banners are ideal outdoor attention grabbers thanks to their sheer size. To make your life easy, they feature a spiked pole that can be stuck into any soft outdoor surface.

Roll-Up Banners

Banner Benefits - Dezzo Rollup Much like quick banners, branded roll-up banners are effortless to setup and display. The banner itself is rolled into the base stand, and comes with a support pole. All you do is pull the banner up and place it on a flat surface of your choice! Whether at an outdoor event or within your business, these promotional solutions are sure to catch more than a few eyes.

Pop-Up Banners

Banner Benefits - Dezzo pop-up When it comes to effortless setting up, our branded pop-up banners certainly do take the promotional cake! To deploy, simply remove them from the carry bag and drop them where ever needed. Pop-up banners will pop into place on their own, and all you need to do when finished is fold them in half and place them back into the bag – as easy as that!

Telescopic Banners

Banner Benefits - Dezzo telescopics If you’d prefer to carefully control the height of your branded promotional tools, then telescopic banners are probably your best choice. Branded telescopic banners feature aluminum poles that come in 2m, 3m and 4.5m variations – depending on your preferred height. They’re suited to outdoor or indoor use, and the optional 40kg water bag allows you to deploy them in windy areas.