Summer Branding Tips Your Business Can Benefit From

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Summer Branding Tips Your Business Can Benefit From

Summer is most certainly a branding goldmine when it comes to leveraging seasonal themes and consumer needs to generate better leads and more engagement online. The ‘feel good’ vibes that grace us all during the warmer months are a marketing sweet spot, as businesses can capitalise on the renewed vigour and enthusiasm that generally coincides with the start of a new year.

Whether you are looking to broaden the horizons of your skincare brand, sell a couple more items of clothing, or reassure your customers that your repair services are indeed the best, we have got you covered with these Summer branding tips!

1: Employ the KISS Method

Our first and foremost Summer tip is to use the KISS Method: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Whilst this piece of advice is very useful in a wide variety of scenarios, we find it particularly effective when it comes to refreshing your business’s Summer brand identity.

Many people like to exercise in order to slim down for the Summer months, and whilst we think that all bodies are beautiful and beach-ready, we do think that a slim-down is necessary for the average brand! Take a good look at your brand, its visuals, its content, its social media presence, then try to eliminate all excess data that doesn’t directly (and compellingly) put across your core brand message.

Here are a couple simple things you can do to simplify your brand:

  • Keep your online imagery as simple as possible.
  • Streamline your online content so users can find what they are looking for.
  • Tidy up your website by removing outdated information and expired seasonal messages.
  • Introduce Summer themes to your brand, thus keeping it relevant for the season.

2: Introduce Refreshing Summer Colours

Just as colour is an important part of building a brand identity and maintaining brand recognition, so it plays an equally important role in demonstrating brand relevance and freshness as seasons come and go. You can introduce strategic Summer accent colours to your brand which don’t disrupt brand recognition but do spic up your branding and pique the interest of your followers.

We recommend incorporating Summery shades that complement your existing brand colours. Bright shades such as yellow, turquoise, apple green, even accents of white or red, can help create a fresh or funky Summer take on your branding material. The way you display your branding also plays a role in how it is received. Take a look at our bold branding ideas perfect for Summer events.

If it isn’t possible to accent your branding with additional colours, or if it doesn’t quite sit right with your brand, try exploring brighter lightig in your imagery, and introducing Summer visuals to your online content. Sun, sea, swim and lush scenery are all reminiscent of Sumer vacations.

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Bonus: Create Summer Centric Content

Create online content that centres around Summer themes, thus reinforcing the relevance of your product, service and brand overall. Tell your followers how they can use your product in the Summer, how your product will improve their Summer vacation, how your service brings comfort or refreshment to their lives, and so on!

3: Collaborate with Creative Partners

Collaboration was definitely one of the major marketing buzzwords of 2018, and for good reason! Working together with other industry favourites and complementary brands is a great way to mutual grow your brands and explore new and exciting opportunities.

Take a look at the products and services that you provide and brainstorm the complementary services your clients would likely use. For example, as a wedding planner, you know your clients likely employ makeup artists, photographers, florists, bakeries, caterers, and so on. Partnering with these brands either for jobs or creative projects is a great way to expand your online exposure to other relevant local clients.

4: Leverage Summer Loving with Cool Competitions

We know that Summer is the carefree season we all crave, and thus it presents us with positive and lively customers who are more willing to engage with our brands. This is the perfect time to create cool, Summer-centric competitions that offer promotions, discounts and prizes that would benefit your vacationing customers.

Competitions are a great way to increase online exposure, particularly when entry is earned by sharing or liking posts or tagging your brand in user-generated content. Email signup campaigns are a fantastic way to garner contact details from new customers! Incentivise signups with discounts and freebies.

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Overall, the fun-loving season of Summer can offer endless possibilities to a brand. The Summer branding tips above are merely a starting point to help you refresh your brand and re-energise your business behaviour! Remember, if you need any fresh signage and branding drawn up for your exciting new Summer campaigns, you can contact us, and our dedicated team of branding specialists will whip up a sensational new look for your business.