Say ‘I Love You’ With Custom Bedside Tables

14 Feb Say ‘I Love You’ With Custom Bedside Tables

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Valentine’s season. We think of just how much our loved ones mean to us, and whether or not we’ve reciprocated that love over the year that has passed. If you could have said those three little words a few more times than you managed, why not say them in a BIG way with a set of custom bedside table? We’ve found a few we think you and your significant other will simply LOVE:

Naturally Effective

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This gorgeous little custom bedside table is made from a thick, singular slice of Ash wood trunk. The custom side table is supported by four copper pipes firmly attached to the underside of the wooden disk, each positioned perfectly to keep the heavy side table upright.

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Someone once said that the simpler you make something, the easier it’ll be to buy into. Well, we’re SERIOUSLY attracted to these cute little custom side tables. Each feature a drawer, a book space below, and they’re finished off with cute little blue legs for height.

Dark Wood Does It

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Alright, we’ll admit it! While this custom furniture piece does feature two bedside tables, they’re actually attached to the bed’s base – making one (probably) detachable unit. This simplistic design just works, and we think the darker the wood – the better!

Same Same, But Different

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If you’re not a big fan of storing things in your side tables, and you’re looking for simple raised surfaces for next to the bed, these custom maple side tables are for you! Using angular cutting techniques, these two side tables are identical – and slot together perfectly for easy moving!

Custom Furniture in KwaZulu-Natal

Say ‘I love you’ like never before with the gift of custom bedside tables like the ones we’ve taken a look at above! None of these tickling your fancy? Get in touch with us here and we’ll make your custom furniture dreams come true.