3 Ways Printed Branding Increases Client Retention

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3 Ways Printed Branding Increases Client Retention

There are so many ways printed branding improves customer experience. From feeling good after being informed about a company’s goodwill projects, to feeling like a member of an exclusive club after a purchase.

How to Attract & Retain Clients through Printed Media

There are so many ways that professional print signage and branding can help you stand out and improve the customer experience.

1. It Acts as a Souvenir

Done right, printed branding like a tag, brochure, or business card can act as a souvenir all on its own. When designed well, you can encourage your customers to show off their purchases with your branding on social media, expanding your reach and turning every one of your happy customers into a micro-influencer of their own.


After a Sale

Make your customers feel like they are part of an exclusive club with stunning printed branding that lets them know the value of the products they have purchased.

At a Convention

Stand out at a convention with stunning and beautifully designed printed brochures or business cards, and you increase your chances of being taken home tenfold.

For Networking

Always have custom made and beautiful business cards or brochures on you so that you can stand out and be remembered when you network with others.

2. It’s Great for Reinforcing Your Values

Printed branding is also exceptional for reinforcing your values. Design, like pictures, can tell a thousand words. Done right, your printed branding should make your customers or passersby contemplate your work and give it a thorough read.

Your goal is to make your company memorable. The longer people stare and analyze your printed branding, the more they will remember your name. Not only that, but due to the power of design and associative thinking, you can impart a message with very few words.

What is Associative Thinking?

Blue and green are cool, calm colors. Red is a passionate color. Swirling lines is organic and natural. Hard lines and sharp corners are modern. These are some examples of associative design that we see and know.

Associative design is essentially using design tropes to convey meaning without words. It is the pinnacle of design and done right can help even a small business card to explain what your business is and its values in a beautiful way.

3. Traditional Marketing is Still Powerful

Though digital marketing gives you the ability to target your audience based on key demographic data, print marketing is not and never will be dead. Digital marketing means you need to fight for the attention of users who are well versed in ignoring and skimming through content day after day.

Printed Branding & the Daily Commute

Printed branding and print marketing, on the other hand, can be done in areas where potential customers are far more likely to read it. On their subway journey or on the train, for example, many people read the advertisements due to boredom and because they don’t want to accidentally and awkwardly make eye contact with their fellow passengers.


In-Store Opportunities

Printed branding is also very effective within your store. Common branding efforts include sales or new line advertisements, but a better way to make use of your in-store branding opportunities is to advertise your values.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Leave Your Mark

Buyers today are more conscious than ever before, and if you have a few policies you are proud of you can make the shopping experience more positive. Keep following our blog for actionable marketing insight like this and so much more. To find out how you can leverage printed media to boost your brand’s reach, get in touch with Dezzo today!