Our Signage Services Best Practices for Success

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Our Signage Services Best Practices for Success

Effective signage services are an incredibly important part of kitting out your retail environment and nurturing a stream of incoming consumers. As specialists in turnkey branding solutions, Dezzo Branding have many years of experience designing and implementing great signage solutions for a wide range of businesses in KwaZulu-Natal. We therefore have great advice on the best practices to keep in mind when considering effective signage services for your business.

Consumer Experience is Key

The main focus of signage services is to convey the right message to your consumers. As such, various branding and signage techniques are used in different locations and for different purposes, with the ultimate goal of drawing the consumer into the store.
Outdoor signage should be highly visible and in heavy traffic areas to attract as many passers by as possible. As the consumer is drawn closer to your business, providing informational signage to help your consumers navigate the store and learn about your products is increasingly important to creating a good consumer experience.

Clear and Concise Signage Content

Although your signage services should be extremely aesthetically pleasing to attract attention, if the signage is not clear and easy to read in a short period of time, it is not very effective at all. Consumers should be able to read and understand your signage in a few seconds or else it may be ignored. Large, bold fonts should be used and the content of the signage should be short and sweet.

The very basics of any good signage solutions are: headline, explanatory text, and a call to action.

Simple and Specific Signage Services

When creating signage, it can be tempting to include a lot of information about your business or product so that the consumer is immediately informed of how great it is. However, tons of text end up distracting the consumer from the important points about the product.

Best practices in signage services are to identify one or two of the most important pieces of information and centre your signage around those. Be specific about the information you do include, such as what the product or service is, how it benefits the user and what makes it stand out.
Follow this with a call to action – tell y our consumer what you want them to feel or do right there in your signage solutions.

Consistent Branding in Signage

Of all our best practices, we consider the consistency of your branding across your signage services to be the most important. It is no use having superb, simply-written signage that catches dozens fo eyes a day if it is not clear who the sign is advertising.
Outdoor signage must be branded well to draw consumers into your store with the promise of a great consumer experience. Indoor signage should assist the consumer through their experience by giving them directions and useful information about your business and its products.

Ensure that the personality of your business and brand is represented well across all forms of branding, marketing and signage services. This consistency lends credibility to your brand and creates a sense of trust and expectancy in the consumers mind. Lastly, displaying your company logo in public places is a great way to receive better brand exposure and direct shoppers to your store.

At Dezzo Branding, we ensure that your signage and branding solutions are created in keeping with all the industry best practices. For clear, concise and eye-catching signage service, you can get in contact with us to start your branding journey and get your business out there. If you would like to learn about other industry best practices in all areas of branding, head to our blog page! In the words of branding author Jason Hartman, “Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” Create the branding solutions you have always dreamed of with Dezzo Branding.