Leveraging Print Media to Elevate Your Brand


Leveraging Print Media to Elevate Your Brand

Think of the last time you popped into the shops to get milk. While you were standing in the queue, something bright caught your eye, and then another, and before you knew it, you had 11 items in your basket when you reached the checkout – and you forgot about the milk! How did this happen, you wondered?

It was the result of strategically-placed point-of-sale material, designed to compel you to buy more. Retailers have been harnessing the power of point-of-purchase or point-of-sale material to increase impulse purchases for decades, with outstanding results.

The Importance of Point-of-Sale Branding

In-store promo material and POS areas provide additional opportunities for you to make an impression on your customers. POS displays include posters, LED displays, banners, flyers, counter-top displays and other types of eye-catching in-store branded items.

The Benefits of Point-of-Sale Branding

Whether your POS displays house and showcase the products they advertise, or simply provide additional information to increase brand awareness, well-designed printed media is most effective when it is eye-catching and attractive. Effective print media solutions allow you to capitalise on your captive audience and amplify a very targeted message.

Retail Displays are Versatile & Increase Brand Awareness

Whether you are advertising special promotional offers or sales, providing in-depth information about a particular product or brand, or merely tempting customers with additional purchase options, POS displays are the perfect medium for keeping your foot-traffic informed and primed for spending. When a brand’s voice is consistent in visual and formal structure and style, in-store branding can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness.

POS Material is Cost-Effective

Modern fabrication techniques and technologies has resulted in cost-effective manufacturing processes and solutions that deliver excellent return on investment. When you partner with a branding solutions provider like Dezzo Branding to create your in-store branding material, you know that you are getting the most affordable solution – without compromising on quality standards.

The Bottom Line: Point-of-Sale Displays Drive Sales

A study conducted by the Point of Purchase Association International revealed that as much as 82% of buying decisions occur at the store and are impulse decisions. This highlights the importance of well-designed and prominently displayed promotional material that resonates with a brand’s voice and overall marketing strategy.

Expand Your Brand’s Reach with Custom POS & In-Store Signage from Dezzo Branding

Dezzo Branding are the dynamic team that you want on the job, when it comes to effective point-of-sale displays and any printed promotional material you may need. We have all the skills, tools and experience to deliver outstanding branding products and services, thanks to 14 years of expertise working in the industry. Experience the effectiveness of Dezzo’s printed branding solutions for yourself; get in touch with us today!