How to Setup Great Exhibition Stands

Setting up a great exhibition stand

How to Setup Great Exhibition Stands

Dezzo Branding has a practical and creative team that is well skilled in designing and building the exhibition stands of your dreams. We aim to provide functional exhibition stands that speak true to your brand ethos, and assist you in launching new products, meeting new clients and moving onwards and upwards towards your business goals.
We discuss how we set up great exhibition stands to get you the best results. Expos are an awesome branding and marketing exercise not to be neglected.

Our Exhibition Services

Our exhibition services are comprehensive and we offer excellent events management services too, to compliment your needs. From inception to setup, Dezzo Branding have the turnkey branding solutions for you.

With your vision in mind, we create an eye-catching design for your exhibition stands. The best exhibition stands incorporate your logo, brand-specific language and brand-compatible colours so that even from afar, an onlooker can tell it is you!

We apply your branding material to your exhibition stands, and subsequently produce the stand in its entirety. We then go on to neatly and tidily setup your exhibition stands on site, showing that even when constructing a stand, your brand is professional and efficient.

Audio and visual details are ideal for exhibition stands, and these stimuli will grab the attention of more potential clients. Without being overwhelming, your audio and visual material should be interesting, informative and attractive.

Embrace Your Brand and Entertain Attendees

Exhibition stands come with a ton of advantages, but first and foremost in their repertoire is the way in which they embrace your brand, and beautifully present it to expo attendees. If all a person does is look at your exhibition stands, you want them to at least walk away with a good idea of who you are and what you offer. Ideally, of course, you want your logo, language and colours to draw clients and interested parties in.

The best practice for exhibition stands is to be educational and entertaining to your potential clients. Ensure that your branding is the number one focus of your stand by combining clear signage with concise communication.
Capitalise on the positive frame of mind your potential clients will be in at an exhibition: they are there to explore, learn, make business connections and purchases. Ditch the sales pitch and instead focus on engaging with the attendees and answering their questions.

Use Exhibition Stands to Generate Business Opportunities

By hiring Dezzo Branding to create your eye-catching exhibition stands, your business is attracting new visitors who can become future customers with a little nurturing. Meeting directly with potential clients at trade shows is an awesome way to solidify your brand image in the public’s mind and ensure they opt for your business the next time a need arises.
You could also meet new suppliers and business prospects with visually attractive exhibition stands.

We suggest you make use of expos as a marketing and branding effort to establish your brand, launch products, increase sales and so on. This method trumps cold calling as a sales technique, given that it is more organic and directly involves new clients in your brand and product.
Focus on enrichment and engagement with your clients and avoid a very hard sell.

Launch Your New Products at Exhibitions

Using your exhibition stands to present your new products or services for the first time is a great idea, as your new release can be demonstrated live, and you can facilitate question and answer sessions. Important product information can be communicated directly to potential clients in a friendly and natural way, devoid of the cheesy treatments applied to television commercials and the like.

Stand Out from Your Competition for Best Results

First impressions are imperative when it comes to securing great leads. Exhibition stands are ideal for demonstrating your brand uniqueness and showcasing how your business can provide its customers with unique and fulfilling solutions to their needs. Focus your exhibition stands on the exceptionality of your brand and business.

We trust our top tips for exhibition stands have assured you of the exciting opportunity these events present. If you would like to chat to us to discuss your branding needs and how we can help you with exhibition stands, events and much more, click here.