How to Build Brand Awareness & How It Benefits Me

How To Build Brand Awareness and How It Benefits Me

How to Build Brand Awareness & How It Benefits Me

Marketing your brand holistically is a significant factor in ensuring the success of your campaigns and business. Holistic and integrated marketing uses brand awareness in the online and offline spheres, since this is where your audience hangs out. This will include print in the form of signage, banners, point-of-sale stands, buntings and online in the form of search engine marketing, digital marketing, social media, email marketing and Google pay-per-click advertising.

“So, how does brand awareness help me?” you wonder – read on to find out!

How Brand Awareness Benefits Your Company

Your brand voice and identity is the persona that your customers do business with. It is difficult to track the effectiveness of any brand awareness campaign – even more so when it comes to offline marketing – but the thing to remember is that the return is vast and is never lost over time. Customers are more likely to purchase or interact with a brand that they have seen before or are associated with.

4 Ways Increased Brand Awareness Can Help You

Brand awareness can help large companies and small businesses, by;

1. Keeping Your Brand On Top-of-Mind

Brand awareness strategies help you live in the minds of potential customers, so that when they think of a specific product, brand awareness helps them think about you, first.

2. Strengthening Customer Loyalty

It is well-known that client retention is less costly than acquiring new clients, which is why brand awareness efforts are so crucial. Seeing your brand in familiar places provides a sense of security for the client which, in turn, keeps them coming back to your company.

3. Providing the Nudge Your Buyer Needs

When a buyer is shopping around for a specific service or product, it is on their mind in the car when they’re going to work, on their walk to a store or even when they lay in bed at night. If they see your brand during any of these instances, it is highly likely that a well-times impression will provide just the nudge they need to contact you to solve their problem.

4. Building Brand Authority

Having an engrained presence prominent in the offline and online spheres gives your brand a higher authority, establishing you your industry’s standard. A good brand awareness strategy increases your brand’s overall value and position in the field.

Use Both Digital & Promotional Print Material to Grow Your Brand’s Awareness

By creating promotional branded material such as banners, gazebos, signage, point-of-sale solutions, parasols, buntings and promotional counters, you can reach out to more customers in the offline world. Well-placed promotional branded material will increase your brand’s recognition levels, by reaching those who are relevant to your target audience.

In the online world, you have a wide range of solutions available to help you become more visible, such as having a functional website, implementing search engine optimisation strategies, leveraging email marketing, advertising on Google and social media marketing to name a few. When online and offline brand awareness strategies are connected, they yield the outstanding results in the short-term and the long run.

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