How Effective Point of Sale Branding Can Boost Your Business

Point of Sale Branding

How Effective Point of Sale Branding Can Boost Your Business

Point of Sale branding is an attention-grabbing, dynamic way in which to encourage your customers to hang around longer and augment their purchase with your products. Dezzo Branding explain what Point of Sale branding is, how it benefits your business and how to get it right, just take a look…

What is Point Of Sales Branding?

If you are new to the world of branding and marketing, you may be unfamiliar with ‘Point of Sale Branding’. The term refers to specialised promotional material that is designed to catch the customers eye either near or right at the cash register. You will typically find this kind of marketing material in a retail store but is useful to all businesses. Any business can advertise last minute add-ons, discounts, loyalty programmes and more at their Point of Sale.
So, what does effective Point of Sale branding do? You can find out below…

What Point of Sale Actually Does

Having eye-catching Point of Sale pieces as part of your marketing display increases your brand awareness by creating a lasting impression just before the customer leaves your premises. In a world where marketing material saturates all forms of media, consumers experience fatigue. However, an effective Point of Sale system merely nudges the customer to add on to their purchase (they are, after all, at your till making a purchase!). This is a much gentler suggestion that your customers will take to kindly.

How Point of Sale Branding Benefits Your Business

Besides being aesthetically pleasing for your customers, Point of Sale branding drives sales, particularly last-minute add-ons. While waiting in line, customers tend to have a wandering eye, so why not use that to your advantage!
A visually pleasing check-out experience makes it easier for your clients to justify spending higher prices or driving further out to come to your business.
The domination of modern technology means that you can make a limited budget go much further by means of Point of Sale branding, Form and function of your marketing material is maximised, meaning your return on investment is ultimately higher with versatile Point of Sale features.

Dezzo Branding’s Tips for Eye-Catching Point of Sale Branding

As industry experts in turnkey branding solutions, Dezzo Branding are perfectly suited to creating dynamic and eye-catching branding and Point of Sale branding that embodies your business and values. Chat to us today to see how we can help you reach your creative goals and draw in customers to your business!

Effective Point of Sale branding should be striking and grab your customers’ attention. The more interactive the display, the better, be it by tearing off a coupon or dropping a business card in a box, your clients are more likely to fiddle with your Point of Sale branding if it is engaging.

We can ensure that your bold visuals are matched with great copy text, emphasizing your product’s benefits rather than its features. Think: time saving, fast acting, instant improvement.

Including a call to action in your Point of Sale branding increases its opportunities to draw in your customers. Pull here! Take one! Create a sense of urgency and entice your customers to get involved with you and your business – after all, you are offering solutions to their problems.

Similarly, Dezzo Branding offer you the turnkey solutions to all your branding and exhibition marketing needs. In need of awesome banners to get your business noticed? Wanting to maximise your Point of Sale branding? Need your shop fitted to look its best? We have got you covered. Just take a look at some of our awesome work to see for yourself…