Festive Branding You’ll Love!

06 Nov Festive Branding You’ll Love!

Have you ever wondered why the festive season is associated with the colour red? Social psychology research has revealed that we as humans are rather attracted to the crimson colour, so it makes sense to use it when the festive shopping season kicks off! Let’s take a look at a few very cool festive branding solutions (most of them using the colour red) that companies around the world have used to attract shoppers…

Full Festive Window Decal

The colours red and white, when used together, shout ‘Christmas’ about as loudly as a reindeer with a red nose. The nice thing about using them together, from a branding standpoint, is that white text pops like nobody’s business against a red background.

This full window decal shows the effective use of festive colour theory to draw attention to the five words found in the middle of the graphic. A few snowflake vectors are thrown in here and there for effect, making this festive branding solution both eye-catching and effective!

*Image courtesy of bgsa.co.uk*


A Touch of Christmas Red

Hamleys, arguably the world’s premier manufacturer of quality children’s toys, knows all about how the colour red attracts shoppers. So much so that the colour scheme used for their stores uses red, gold and white (Christmas colours). This makes you think of Christmas just by looking at their branding – no matter the time of year.

This reveals an interesting branding technique that most retail stores use in some way or another between the months of October and January each year. The use of the colour red. Regardless of what colours your brand currently uses, consider adding a touch of red here and there in your store and on your promotional branding during the festive season!

Image courtesy of sunbaba.co.uk

Partial Christmas Window Decal

As far as window decal branding goes, we at Dezzo Branding absolutely LOVE what Kikki.K did to their shop windows! This festive branding solution features white frosting-like decals added to the outer edges of the shopfront’s window – creating a sort of optical illusion while leaving the majority of the window open for patrons to browse products on promotion.

Notice how they have used a single word, happy, written in red instead of white to draw attention to it. Upon closer inspection of the frosting-like edging, we can see small Christmas trees, reindeer, hearts, stars, and mistletoes – a cute Christmas branding idea we love!

Image courtesy of trulydeeply.com.au

Get Your Festive Branding On!

With the sunny South African festive season approaching at an alarming rate of knots, we at Dezzo Branding offer all KwaZulu-Natal retailers the chance to get their festive shop branding (and any other branding you might require) at a great festive season rate! Simply get in touch with us here to find out more.