Exhibitions & Events

Exhibition Display Stand


Coated Fabric



2.8m x 2.8m | 4.2m x 3m | 6.1m x 3m

Are you hosting an event and planning to have an exhibition stand.


• Dezzo Branding is capable of designing, manufacturing and branding your stand.
• Whatever your needs are, whether you are hosting a party, festival, exhibition, conference or end of the year function, Dezzo Branding has the experience in making your event one that will be embedded in your guests’memories for a long time to come.
• We will also manage your event for you and assist in: Marquee hire & set-up, Tables and Chairs, Ablutions, Crowd control fencing, Catering, bar Hire & Staff, Decorating, Branding, Audio & Visual services, MC & DJ’s.


Let us custom design and brand your next exhibition stand.