Epic Valentine’s Day Branding Fails and How to Avoid them

Valentine’s day branding fails and how to avoid them.

Epic Valentine’s Day Branding Fails and How to Avoid them

Valentine’s Day is a major unofficial holiday for retail and service-based businesses, as people attempt to express their love for their significant other or loved ones. During this time, brands develop marketing campaigns to appeal to those audiences and sometimes fall terribly short, leaving them scrambling for damage control. In this blog, we have assessed the latest Valentine’s Day branding and marketing fails to hit the South African public.

Avoid Stereotyping Your Audience

Valentine’s Day should not automatically be attributed to couples of the male + female persuasion, as many individuals in relationships fall well outside of this definition. This dated stereotype overlooks couples who are in non-heterosexual relationships, as well as those who want to show affection to their loved ones outside of the romantic sphere. A large South African retailer had to retract their Valentine’s Day signage and branding after receiving widespread backlash over stereotyping female and male quirks within a relationship.

How to Avoid Seasonal Marketing and Branding Fails

It is not difficult to make a huge marketing fail in this era of hyper-connectivity and hyper-sharing. Here’s how to avoid them.

Research, Plan & Review – then Review Again

When developing your marketing campaign, make sure you research topics that should be avoided, such as race, politics and stereotypes. Once you have planned and created your campaign, get it reviewed once by a diverse set of individuals to get quality feedback, then repeating the review process again with more people.

Stay Away from Controversial Topics

Do not include unnecessary comments, remarks or issues against any group of individuals. Research, and feedback will again help in this case.

Keep it Clean

There is a fine line between an edgy campaign and making a blatant sexual suggestion. Try to avoid sexual innuendos completely, even if they appeal to your target audience. Keep in mind that ads are public and can be seen by anyone, young and old, women and men.

When creating your promotional banners, exhibitions, point of sale and other branding material, make sure that you are adhering to the guidelines above. This will ensure that your efforts are well received and that you avoid those pitfalls. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you create a flawless branding strategy that shines, no matter the occasion.