Effective A-Frame Banner Uses

Effective A-Frame Banner Uses

Our Dezzo Branding article titled how to use an a-frame banner reveals what a-frame banners are used for and the benefits of deploying a-frame banners. This article will reveal practical applications, sharing a few a-frame banner uses as applicable to various commercial industries. So, here’s how YOU can effectively use a-frame banners to increase your brand awareness wherever required…

Location Awareness

The first application of a branded a-frame banner is all about location awareness. Is your store hidden in a mall somewhere, shadowed by big multinationals that seem to have a never-ending pool of marketing resources?

Branded a-frame banners are perfect for letting people know exactly where you are, and how they can find you. Whether you place your logo on the canvass with a big arrow pointing into a mall entrance, or you list highly sought-after items with a big telephone number prompting passers-by to call you and enquire, an a-frame banner will give your store the public awareness it deserves!

In-Store Benefits

If you’ve already got enough branding to let the general public know where you operate from, a-frame banners can be used within your store itself! Thanks to their low-profile design, the space they take up is minimal, which means they won’t take up much product display space.

Use a-frame banners to advertise in-store benefits, like loyalty programs and standing specials (buy one, get one). Other in-store applications of a-frame banners include event promotions, grand opening or closing down sale promotions, etc.

External Branding

Thinking about taking your brand on the road with you? Trade fairs and weekend markets are fantastic avenues of brand promotion – even if you’re merely a sponsor – and taking an a-frame banner along to these shows is a must.

If you’re planning on taking your brand on the road, you’ll want to have a read through our Dezzo Branding blog article titled the travelling salesman’s branding dictionary. It describes four different branding solutions perfect for brand exposure on the road, with an a-frame banner being the first one on the list!

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