Custom Furniture Décor Ideas

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06 Oct Custom Furniture Décor Ideas

So, you’ve visited a few furniture retailers looking for some home décor additions, but nothing’s catching your eye. That’s understandable! In the age of customisable everything, why shouldn’t you be able to source custom furniture that is as unique as your special home is. Have a look at some very unique custom furniture from around the world below…

Custom Storage Couch

Running out of cupboard storage space at home? Before announcing that the kids actually CAN store their things under their beds, consider a custom storage couch instead! This custom furniture piece is ideal for small homes or apartments, where space is an issue, and features three pull-out wicker basket drawers for storage purposes.

Décor Tip: Leave the wooden sides and lower section of your custom couch natural, and choose darker material for your cushions for a warmer living area ambiance.

Slip-Under Side Table


Everyone needs a side table when sitting in a living room, but what do you do when you’ve kicked your toe one too many times when entering the living area? You order a custom slip-under side table of course! This dark wood side table is designed to slip under the side of your couch with very little protrusion. There’s even a side slot to store your newspaper!

Décor Tip: For darker living area lounge suites, choose lighter natural wooden slip-under side tables. If your couches are colourful and bright, select darker wood or painted side tables.

Compartmental Coffee Table


The only thing that looks better than a dark hardwood coffee table is a compartmental coffee table! This custom furniture décor idea is a living area space saver of note, and will soothe your OCD guaranteed. Not a fan of magazines and remote controls lying around? Store them in your coffee table instead!

Décor Tip: Decide on the items you’d like to store in your coffee table before approaching your custom furniture manufacturer. The bigger they are – the bigger your compartments will need to be.

Hardwood Custom Furniture in Durban

Dellegance, our new Dezzo Branding furniture department, offers custom-made furniture solutions in Durban! Got a crazy couch idea? Let us make it a reality for you? Want a specific furniture piece made from a family heirloom? Get in touch with us and we’ll help make your custom furniture dreams come true…

*Images courtesy of Pinterest