What Are Curvehead Banner Flags?

What Are Curvehead Banner Flags?

Nothing quite says “LOOK AT ME” like a giant branded flag! Curveheads (or curvehead banner flags) are branded flags that, well, have a curved head – as opposed to a traditional flag’s 90-degree head. Curvehead flags are usually made from woven polyester, and are often treated with waterproof or UV-resistant treatments for greater durability and longevity. So, let’s have a look at what curveheads are used for, how to set them up, and how to increase YOUR brand awareness with a branded curvehead banner flag!

What Are Curvehead Banner Flags Used For?

If you’re looking to get your brand noticed in a BIG way, curvehead banner flags are the way to go. Sizes range from 2m to 4.5m high, and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor marketing endeavours. Curvehead flags can be used to draw attention to a store location, used as brand awareness at festivals or trade shows, and pretty much anywhere else you’d like people to see your brand!

Are Curvehead Banner Flags Easy to Set Up?

The short answer: Yes! Curvehead banner flags are made up of interconnecting aluminium poles that are fed through the inner edge of the branded flag. All you do is push it through! Curvehead banner flags come with a ground spike, for outdoor use, and a base stand for use indoors and on solid flooring – enabling you to expose your brand regardless of where you may find yourself!

Increase Brand Awareness with Curvehead Banner Flags

When it comes to brand awareness, bigger really IS better! Much like branded banner walls, curvehead banner flags have size on their side, and are usually the first thing that people will notice. Banner flags can be printed on both sides, allowing you near 360-degree brand exposure at all times. Take your brand on the road with you – curvehead banner flags come with a carry bag and are effortless to set up and down. Chat to branding specialists about getting your very own branded curvehead banner flag!