Creative Branded Corporate Gift Ideas

Creative Branded Corporate Gift Ideas

With year-end fast approaching and the festive season with it, many businesses will be struggling to come up with ways to show their appreciation for their staff. Luckily, we have put together a great list of creative branded corporate gift ideas to inspire the spirit of giving. Check out our creative ideas below…

A Secure Storage Solution for Frequent Travellers

First up, we have a great solution for those business travellers that need a little extra security for their valuables. This anti-theft laptop backpack is the perfect first line of defence against pilfering fingers. Frequent travellers will appreciate the added security of the concealed zip closure that makes it much harder for thieves to grab your belongings. The backpack is suited to laptops up to 15”, and sports 6 multi-functional pockets inside for your accessories.

backpack-travel-safe-corporate-gift-idea ALT TEXT: Anti

A Break from the Rain

This thoughtful corporate gift is ideal for those staff members that walk to work or catch public transport. There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain on your way to work! Our 8 panel Orion Umbrella is the perfect corporate gift, with a sturdy fibreglass frame and windproof materials. Let your employees know that you care!

Orion Umbrella

Beach Bag with a Green Heart

With environmental consciousness becoming more important than ever, we want to introduce you to our next eco-friendly corporate gift idea! These beach bags are made from recycled plastics, thus bringing beauty and smart living together. Let your company values shine with these eco bags, and share the green love with your staff.

Eco-Friendly Beach Bag

Conscious Coffee Drinking

Yes, eco-friendly lifestyle changes extend into your coffee drinking too. We offer a range of eco drinkware that are just perfect to gift your staff members. These reusable travel-friendly mugs encourage the banishment of single-use plastics, in lieu of a long-lasting alternative. Did you know that many coffee shops offer a discount for bringing your own mug? Hop to it!

Eco Friendly Mug

Stay Ahead of the Game

You can stay ahead of the clock with this nifty aluminium desk clock! The wood finish creates an elegant look, whilst the polished aluminium clock and integrated pen holder serve a great purpose. This stylish storage solution makes a great addition to any desk! To be honest, one might even be tempted to plant a little cactus in the pen holder for a little flora in the office… But you didn’t hear it from us, we’re not crazy or anything!

Aluminium Desk Clock

Entertainment for the Energetic

Encouraging an active lifestyle in your workplace should be a goal for every company. Staff who are well exercised often experience improved health and well-being, as well as improved moods, energy levels and productivity. Reward your active staff members with a pair of sport-friendly Bluetooth earphones. These earphones eliminate the risk of tangles and painful yanks when the ridiculously long cord of regular earphones gets caught in your zipper, a nearby tree, who knows! With up to for hours of talk time or music playback time, you can enjoy an energetic workout with all your favourite tunes.

Bluetooth Sport Earphones

Like what you see? Contact Dezzo Branding’s corporate gift division for more information on our fantastic corporate gift solutions and we will get back to you promptly. Check out our blog in the mean time for more interesting branding ideas and inspiration.