Cool Competition Ideas to Boost Your Branding

Cool Competition Ideas to Boost Your Branding

Boosting your brand is a never-ending exercise that – when done right – goes a long way towards increasing your revenue and broadening the horizons of your business. Paid advertising is still a necessity, but we have found that a lot of traction can be found online, especially when competitions are involved. Competitions have long been used as a tool to recruit new clients and increase talk around your brand or product, and of course they have found their way into the cyber realm. Dezzo Branding put together these cool competition ideas to help you boost your brand online and get things going.

Figure Out a Goal

First things first, consider your business strategy and competition objective to work out more specific, achievable goals for your promotion. Ideally, you want your competition ideas to increase your follower count, generate opinions from your target market, reward loyal customers and attract new ones.

Try to set realistic goals for your online platforms: how many followers do you want your competition to accrue, how many shares do you want to receive, how many email signups are you aiming for, how many new website visits would you want?

Events, Holidays and Seasons are Your Friends

The very first thing to do when planning a competition is to look at the calendar: what time of year is it, what season, and is there a holiday we can capitalise on? In South Africa, many brands like to use public holidays such as Women’s Day and Heritage Day to launch creative competitions to celebrate their brand and their link to empowerment or diversity, for example.

Assimilating your competition with a holiday gives the competition a sense of purpose, and drives conversation around a particular topic that you can link to your brand identity.

Online Contests: The Basics

Setting up online competitions is a great way to boost your branding, but only if they are designed cleverly. These basic tips will help you to setup a good competition:

– Your competition should last from two to six weeks to ensure users have the chance to engage, but not wait too long.
– Your prize should exemplify your brand and meet your customers’ needs.
– Creativity is key for competitions, try to be unexpected.
– Make sure you analyse the results of your competition.

Quick Competition Ideas

To get you started, you can choose one of these tried-and-tested competition ideas to get your online branding exercise off the ground:

Like and Gag a Friend: this type of competition is easy to do, increases your engagement and easily recruits new followers to your social media sites.

Post a Photo: Another easy competition to run, you can request users to post a picture of themselves with your product or using your service to spread your brand image and publish more user-generated content.

Fill in the Blank: Get users to guess the missing word as though you were playing an ad libs game and either select a winner or have other users vote for their favourite to win. Beware, this type of competition can result in some suggestive answers.

Trivia Competition: A competition that requires users to know about your brand, product or service, or makes them head to your website for the answer is a great way to engage and reward loyal customers.

Tips to Boost Your Brand

Your creative competition ideas need to be as effective as they are flavourful, and sometimes that requires a little extra boost. There are a number of things you can do to boost your competition, such as:

  • Countdown to prize day
  • Encourage audience engagement
  • Boost your social posts with small cash amounts
  • Work with an influencer in your industry
  • Remember customer birthdays
  • Consider multiple prizes

Now that you have the basics of setting up a competition, get out there and get social! Dezzo Branding want to deliver helpful and interesting information to you to inspire your branding exercises and keep your business booming. Stay tuned to our blog for more inspiration!