Branding and Printing – A Range of choices


Branding and Printing – A Range of choices

At Dezzo Branding, we offer clients a range of choices when it comes to branding and printing. We have the infrastructure and staff to cater to all your printing and branding requirements.  Whether you are looking for display stands, A-frame banners, gazebos, wallpaper or even branded t-shirts, we have state of the art printing equipment and a team ready for the job.
Our Printing services include specialized dye sublimation printing, digital printing, backlit printing, wallpaper, laminating and embroidery printing, Litho and screen printing as well as canvas printing. When it comes to branding, clients can expect a complete solution under one roof.

We offer backlit printing where we print high graphic images onto film which is then placed into light box displays. Examples of these can be seen in shopping mall environments such as movie theaters, restaurants, takeaways and clothing stores. These high-resolution displays are weather proof and eye-catching. The backlit images add a professional touch and are an ideal way to capture attention. Backlit graphics can be integrated into your shop signage, product promotions or even used in your  exhibition stand.

Dye Sublimation printing requires specialized computer printers which we have invested in for clients branding requirements. Heat in the dye-sublimation printer head heats up dye which is then transferred onto many different materials. Dezzo Branding is proud to be one of a few companies in the country that specializes in this printing method.  This type of printing is not limited to paper as you can transfer the dye to other hard surfaces such as plastic, fabric, card, ceramic etc.

Embroidery printing is a great way to customize work wear, company golf shirts, caps or any promotional items. Embroidery looks professional and does not fade over time unlike screen printing. The Logo or text design is converted into a format on our embroidery machine which then stitches a logo or text onto the fabric.

With screen printing a stencil is created and used to apply ink to a surface. Screen printing can be used to print on shirts, stickers, wood, ceramics, vinyl and other materials. Colours tend to be more vibrant or brighter with this method of printing.

The above methods are only a few of the printing services that we offer. No matter what branding you require, whether it’s company banners, work wear, corporate gifts, signage or even an exhibition stand, our team will strive to find the best and most cost-effective printing solution for you.