Bold Branding Ideas for Summer Events

Bold Branding Ideas for Summer Events

The final quarter of the year is characterised by the biggest spend on the part of the customer, and this is great news for you and your business. Chances are, if you are reading this blog then you are looking for a way to stand out from your competitors in outdoor events during everyone’s favourite season. Well, we’ve got the goods! Dezzo Branding put together these branding ideas for Summer events to help you stand out and make sales this season.

Eye-Catching Curvehead Flags

These branding solutions are gifted in the height department meaning that your customers will be able to look to the sky and track you down, no matter the size of the event. Our Curvehead Flags, Quick Banners and Telescopic Flags are all fantastic branding ideas for attracting attention to your brand.

Each flag is built from an aluminium pole and fitted elastic rope to ensure a quick set up, as well as a carry bag for convenient transportation. These flags are durable and weatherproof!

Flags for Branding at Summer Events

Bold Branded Gazebos

Summer events mean Summer sun, and that means that your branded gazebo will be a slice of heavenly shade for hot and sweaty event attendees. This may not sound pleasant at first, but the shade and comfort your gazebo provides will attract a diverse crowd to your brand!

Our gazebos are built with aluminium or steel expandable frames that set up quickly, and can be purchased with attachable walls. The entire unit is branded in your colours and logos, to ensure 360° brand recognition. A light carry bag is supplied to help you transport your durable branded gazebo.

Gazebo for Branding at Summer Events

Interesting Triad Banners

Our branded triad banners are the perfect lightweight branding solution to draw attention to your outdoor events. The fibreglass frame and panels are an interesting – and therefore eye-catching – shape which draws customers in, whilst also projecting your brand information in more than one direction.

This solution is easy to carry in its light and compact carry bag, and is set up by quickly attaching the panels to the frame with Velcro or clips

Banner Walls for the Win

Banner walls are a fantastic branding solution for outdoor events. As far as branding ideas for Summer events go, the banner wall is best equipped to stand out on your company’s social media: this is because visitors to your stand can be encouraged to pose for pictures in front of it, like a celebrity red carpet, and post to their social media.

The banner wall affords maximum brand coverage, easy setup, durability, and overall wow factor.

Banner Wall for Branding at Summer Events

Dezzo Branding provides a variety of branding solutions to brands across South Africa. Take a look at our services, and browse our blog for interesting and helpful articles that can help take your brand to the next level!