Christmas Branding for Your Business

01 Dec Christmas Branding for Your Business

Ho ho hold the phone… We’re already blogging about Christmas 2017??

It feels like just yesterday we were looking at the five best Christmas branding ideas ever, and here we are talking about Christmas branding for your business!

We’ve found a few very cool festive branding ideas that not only promote the joy felt throughout the festive season, but also improve brand exposure moving into the new year.

So, let’s take a look at some Christmas branding ideas your business will thank you for…

Festive Product Branding

How do you revive interest in your products?

Easy, package them differently!

Burger King, the American fast food giant, understands how to capitalise on various key events (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) and use these opportunities to drive brand interest.

This can be seen in these Burger King products that have been refreshed with Christmas branding motifs that include Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, and burger packaging that looks a bit like Father Christmas’ coat.

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Informative Festive Promotions

The festive season also awards opportunity to educate your existing and potential clients on aspects of your business and your products/services.

The Hershey Company, for example, used the festive season to educate customers about their Hershey’s Kisses.

This is cleverly done by featuring their products in the shape of a Christmas tree, and creating an almost infographic-like advert that is both festive, informative, and effective!

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Free Branded Gift Cards

Here’s an idea that might just change your life…

Think about printing gift cards, complete with Christmas branding and a space to write a nice message, with your company branding and a contact number somewhere on the back.

Hand these out for free to your customers throughout December. You can bet your bucks people will use these as gift cards, and you’ll get some brand exposure at the same time.

The gift card featured here includes a scannable QR code that more than likely takes the customer to the company’s website for a discount on their products and/or services.


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