7 Tips for Outdoor Signage & Branding

7 Tips For Outdoor Signage & Branding

7 Tips for Outdoor Signage & Branding

Your business is using outdoor signage and branding, right? Be it signage at your business location, informational signage, persuasive signage, promotional signs and branding, if you are not leveraging outdoor signage as an aspect of your marketing then you should certainly consider doing so. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business or a business that primarily operates online, there are many ways your business can benefit from this type of branding.

How To Use Signage To Benefit Your Business’ Brand

Signage is a vital component on any website or advert as it helps visitors navigate to your store, promotes your newest products and drives brand recognition. To effectively use signage and branding to achieve their respective functions, you should keep the following best practices and tips in mind:

1. Function

As with any business strategy, you should consider the objective of your signs. What is your aim with them? Signs serve various purposes, such as a business name sign that shows the location of your business, directional signs that give information which pertain to directing people or providing information on what the specific area is dedicated to. You may also use promotional signs that aim to increase exposure of the correlating special offer, sales or event.

2. Visibility

Visibility is another significant aspect of signage. Quality signs are placed in a location that receives a vast amount of traffic and they are in well-lit areas. Your signage should be clearly visible – even at night. If needed, additional lighting should be constructed. Signs should not be obstructed from view of passersby, as this not only reduces reach but renders your sign ineffective. Always be aware of buildings, light poles and over-hanging vegetation when placing your signs.

3. Size

Signs should be as large as possible, but you should also consider where the sign will be placed to determine the size for it. For example, signs showing the location of your business should be large while in-store signs directing foot traffic should be smaller, but still holding a size that will serve its purpose.

4. Consistency

As we’ve discussed in our many articles, consistency is key in branding. Signs should remain consistent with the look and feel of your brand, maintaining all your business’ design principles.

5. Design

While keeping in line with your businesses design principles, your sign’s message should be easily identified and seen. Keep your font at an optimal size that will allow it to be seen from afar and nearby, your colours attention-grabbing, your text content short and concise, and the overall design minimal. These design principles will guarantee your sign generates its maximal effectiveness whatever its purpose – wherever it may be placed.

6. Proofread

Yes, this is a tip which can ultimately make or break your sign and even your brand. Poor grammar in your signage can largely undermine your business, resulting in potential customers questioning your competency. Have your designs and copy proofread not once, but twice and by two different individuals.

7. Keep It Fresh

An old sign is not only boring and unappealing but also tells your customers that you are not forward-thinking, not developing new ideas and are still stuck in the past. Revamp your branding and signage occasionally to keep things fresh and your customers returning.

When planning your signage, you should keep in mind regulations and restrictions provided by your city and building operators with regards to how bright your sign can be, how large they can be and possible design guides to avoid any resultant penalties.

Choose Your Signage and Branding Partner Wisely – Choose Dezzo Branding!

Compelling signage that is relatable can do a lot for your business, by driving traffic, sales and increasing brand awareness. Take time to reevaluate your current signage efforts and see what you can be doing better, then do it better with the expert assistance from Dezzo Branding.