5 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Brochure or Poster

a collection of several eye-catching brochure and poster designs

5 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Brochure or Poster

Print media might not take up the lion’s share of advertising, but it is just as prevalent as ever before. The only difference is that many companies have started to forgo print advertising for digital. This is a mistake. Print advertising is far more personal than digital and has a chance to be seen and appreciated in ways a digital advert never will be.

That is, of course, only if you follow these poster designing tips.

1. Know Your Brand

The first step to designing the best brochure for your company is to know who your company is. This is very similar to creating a brand persona. Essentially the goal here is to create a visual board of what your company is so that customers can associate these visuals and motifs with your brand.

To help you create a visual board you can draw from when creating your poster or brochure, ask yourself these two questions:

2. What Colors Represent Your Brand?

Colour theory is complex, but the basics are still simple to understand and easy to grasp. Cooler colours denote calm, warmer colours denote passion. Then there are further associations — Green for nature, gold for luxury, and so on. By using the associations, we have given to colours you can convey your brand through visuals alone.


3. What Symbols and Motifs Represent Your Brand?

Symbols and motifs are more on the nose in terms of design, but they are just as important. A gardening company will want to use imagery found in nature, for example. When choosing which symbols or motifs represent your brand, you might also find the perfect logo for your company.

4. Know the Basics of Great Design

From there you need to know the basics of great poster or brochure design:

a. White Space is Your Friend

White space is more important for brochures than posters. Essentially it is the dead space between text or images. It is useful for giving the eye a break and telling your customers what to focus on.

b. Less is More

Overcrowding your poster can make your message and brand difficult to see. By simplifying your poster or brochure, you can make sure that your customers take away the message you are sending in an instant.

c. Make it Readable

Use easy to read fonts in a size that is a cinch to see. If they cannot read it, then they won’t understand it.

d. Keep Words Short & To the Point

When it comes to the content, try to make it simple and to the point. You don’t have the space to explain your business or features in depth. Give them an easy to understand summary and entice them to learn out more online or by visiting your store.

5. Add Social Connections

Make it easy for customers or passersby to connect with your brand by adding in social connections in an easy to see location. Add your social media handles, phone number, and email at the bottom of the poster or on the front page of your brochure.


Choose a Reliable and Professional Printing Partner like Dezzo Branding

Though you can avoid hiring a professional designer to create your poster or brochure, you cannot avoid it when it comes to printing it out. Professional posters and brochures stand out and are far more valuable to your brand than something you printed off at your copy machine. Get in touch now and speak to a printing and branding expert today!