5 Rules to Remember When Designing Your Business Card

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5 Rules to Remember When Designing Your Business Card

Business cards are all too common – you’ve probably received and given more than you care to count and discarded most of them too. Yet, there should be nothing commonplace about a business card. It is the first face of your company – the initial contact with a potential client.

Business Card Design Tips to Keep in Mind

Considering the volume of other cards yours will likely be competing with, it needs to stand out. Keep reading the blog as Dezzo Branding reveals the five principles you can follow to make beautiful, unforgettable business cards.

1. Never Forget the Basics

You may want to get as creative as possible but you need to remember that a business card is a piece of print design as much as any other. With this in mind, stick to all the basic principles of a good layout to make sure that your card looks crisp, classy and professional: keep an even trim on all sides, make sure it’s legible, align carefully and arrange all the necessary information into hierarchies of font and positioning.

2. Accept the Confines & Create Within Them

Yes, you have a small canvas but it’s all you need. The basic information you have to share can take up a tiny proportion of the card. The rest you can use as creatively as you wish. Having said that, make sure not to make it too cluttered. As in all design projects, open space is usually your friend.


3. Think Beyond 2D

If you really want your card to stand out, think beyond the mere arrangement of information on its face, and come up with ideas about the card itself. You can use die-cut processes to cut into specific parts of the card, cut shapes out of it, or around the edges. Take it one step further and incorporate some kind of functional design into your card. If it becomes more than just a card, it will be more likely to be kept and taken notice of by anyone you give it to. One card design, for example, folds into a cellphone holder, another serves as a credit card pouch. There is plenty you can do if you think outside the four, 2D sides of your card face.

4. Get Tactile

In the same way, also get creative with the material and feel of your card, as well as its look and layout. Instead of choosing plain cardboard, choose something more textured: use embossing, a gloss finish, foil blocking or grained fibrous or textured materials. If you really want to go all out, don’t use paper at all – opt for wood, metals or plastic. Humans are tactile creatures and these unusual touches that stand out in their hands will always make a card more memorable.

5. Check Your Work

As creative as you may wish to be, you should still be careful with your work. Check all design elements, proofread the text several times, have someone else check it if need be.

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