5 Branded Car Wraps You’ll Chuckle At

Branded Car Wrap bloopers

5 Branded Car Wraps You’ll Chuckle At

In the never-ending struggle to get your business to stand out from the crowd, more permanent, portable branding solutions like car wraps are becoming increasingly popular. When designed well and applied perfectly, branded car wraps are extremely effective branding and marketing solutions. These 5 companies, however, may or may not have thought their choices through entirely! Take a look at these 5 branded car wraps that you’ll have a good chuckle at.

We’ll start with a good one: Grass wrap for a sodding company!

Branded Car Wrap: van wrapped in grass

Image Courtesy of : www.nikosgardening.ca

We think Niko’s Gardening Inc hit the nail on the head with this car wrap. The grassy covering sends a clear message about what they do. Potential clients couldn’t possibly misconstrue the message, and they will be itching to tell their friends about that novel van they saw on the road!

Subliminal messaging this brand definitely doesn’t want to be sending

Starbucks kept it simple with this branded wrap, covering the van in their colours, logo and name. Something tells me, though, that they didn’t quite test it out before sending it on it’s way!

Starbucks: mobile van wrapped in Starbucks branding

Image Courtesy of : www.boredpanda.com

Sucks? Not quite the desired effect one seeks in a cup of coffee!

This tyre company doesn’t seem very motivated!

The full slogan for Les Schwab Tire Centre is, “If we can’t guarantee it, we won’t sell it.” A pretty great customer satisfaction affirmation if you ask me. But when the door is opened, the message changes slightly…

If We Can’t, We Won’t: company truck wrapped in branding

Image Courtesy of : www.reddit.com

We don’t even want to know what the original car wrap says; this branding is freaky

Practice might make perfect, and persistence is key in all that one does. However, the line might need to be drawn when it comes to murder! Whatever the initial branding on this car wrap was, it might be wise to slowly back away once the door is open!

Practice Your Kills: A Branded Car Wrap Sends A Murderous Message When the Door is Opened

One small change and the design is… Different

Car Wrap Fail: Man’s Face Is Shortened When Window Is Open

Image Courtesy of: www.ebaumsworld.com

To round out our 5 funny branded car wraps, we give you a variation of the door-open fail of the last few examples. In this instance, the branded car wrap doesn’t quite account for the windows being rolled down. Take a look; you just might spot the problem…