3 Ways to Upcycle Outdated Business Cards

Pencils and Note Cards

3 Ways to Upcycle Outdated Business Cards

So, you printed a bunch of awesome business cards for your business and now your address has changed and all your beautiful creations are outdated. What now? You have a bunch of tiny cards that need to be used or disposed of, without wasting or being unconscious of the environment. For the business person, the student or the hard working parent, we have a bunch of ways to upcycle business cards listed below for your convenience!

Stay in the Know

Stay on top of your daily activities by using the blank side of your outdated business cards for all kinds of reminders and messages. The most popular reuse for business cards is to make appointment reminders, be it for the doctor or the nail salon.

Next up, you can make flashcards for yourself or your children to help them study for an upcoming test, or become familiar with their multiplications tables. Write the question on the blank side and the answer in small print on the printed side!

Another quick fix is to keep the business cards next to the phone, for quick note taking and recording important details. You may never have to scramble for a notepad again! Just be sure to have a pen in handy.

For students or corporate characters, business cards could be useful for making cue cards to keep you on track during presentations or speeches. Cue cards help you to keep your place and stay on track throughout the speech and come out on top.

Less-Wasteful Labels

Due to their size and proportion, business cards are also ideal to use as labels for a multitude of activities. Labeling is a great way to stay on top of where your items are without having to document them in your minds eye.

If you are moving house, slap a couple business cards on your boxes so that your items are clearly allocated by family member or room.

In the office, business cards can be used to label files and folders, storage boxes, and other administrative items to keep them well organised.

Additionally, you can use them as name tags for your children’s school books! Save some cash on expensive book covers by making your own from fun wrapping paper and a blank business card.

Create Customised Christmas Gift Tags

Lastly, but certainly not least, you can create customised Christmas (or general) gift tags. Simply paint over the printed side and decorate lavishly, and write your thoughtful message on the blank side! You can punch a hole in the top and tie them up with ribbon to add some interest and creative flair.

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