3 Ways Printed Branding Improves the Customer Experience

3 Ways Printed Branding Improves the Customer Experience

3 Ways Printed Branding Improves the Customer Experience

In a saturated modern consumer environment, businesses are fighting tooth and nail to set themselves apart and attract and retain customers. However, sometimes the business focus is skewed only towards profit generation, and away from other tangible, value-add activities. Customer experience is becoming the new brand currency – do you know how yours fairs? There are several ways printed branding improves customer experience, and we will show you how. First, though, let’s take a look at what customer experience even refers to.

What Is the Customer Experience?

Your brand and how you present it is your promise to your existing and potential customers. Your brand messages tell your customers what to expect from you, your product or service. It is therefore imperative that you deliver on you brand promises, as these interactions make up the customer experience.

Customer experience is made up of customer service, product quality, service efficiency and effectivity, and the overall emotion your customers feel towards your brand. The experience you customer has it what determines whether they will return, even if you are the highest rated in your industry on Google. People react to their real-world emotions.

The importance of customer experience as far as brands are concerned has jumped an enormous 53% from 2010 to 2018, indicating a mass move towards customer-centric brand experiences.

How can we use printed branding to craft exceptional customer experiences, though? How can we use branding to improve the customer experience and retain quality consumers? Let’s discuss!

1. Consumers Want Personalisation

Personalisation is the next big thing, particularly in digital media, but extending into all facets as well. Customising your printed branding will make your customers feel special and recognised, which fosters a very positive impression of the brand.

Consider adding the customers name to designs for small print items, such as birthday cards, loyalty cards, or discount vouchers. Digitally record important dates such as birthdays and the anniversary of their first visit. These small touches go a long way towards making your customer feel at home.

2. Implement Feedback Forms

A large part of the modern customer experience is the ability to give feedback to the business directly. In a social media age, it is definitely wise to have in-store feedback forms or an online form, as this discourages social media warriors from posting complaints all over the show.

Letting your customers know that you encourage feedback and use it to make real world adjustments and updates shows your customers that you really care about their experience.

3. Consumers Love Unique Packaging

Lastly but certainly not least is the recent realisation that consumers are attracted to unique and eco-friendly packaging. In fact, 7 in 10 consumers agree that a products packaging heavily influences their decision to make a purchase, indicating a relationship between unique packaging and potential sales.

Additionally, 68% of consumers in the same survey said that they were more likely to purchase a product in paper or cardboard packaging if given the choice between paper and plastic. This further indicates that consumers care about the eco-friendly nature of their products!

Not only does unique packaging help you stand out from competitors in a saturated market, but it reinforces your consistent brand image, which creates trust and therefore enhances the customer experience.

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