2018 Must-Read Branding and Marketing Trends

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2018 Must-Read Branding and Marketing Trends

2018 is here – offering opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh our business efforts that might not have yielded the desired results in 2017. Business success hinges now more than ever on things like customer experience, effective bilateral communication, and greater corporate transparency. So, we’re taking a look at four marketing trends the experts swear will either make or break a brand in 2018…

1. Position Your Brand

Brand positioning can be understood as the process whereby an organisation figures out where it’s positioned in the marketplace. This is usually done by listing the organisation’s unique selling points as compared to competitors – what sets it apart from the rest.

In 2018, with social issues taking centre stage across all media platforms, positioning your brand on topics of public interest is seriously beneficial – especially when your views are aligned with the moral majority.

However, refrain from simply positioning your brand with the opinion of the masses if that position goes against your mission statement or organisational codes of ethics. You want to stand for a cause, but you don’t want to be labelled hypocritical or simply ‘stirring the pot’ for brand exposure.

Think about what’s important to you and your company, and take a stand on issues you feel strongly about in 2018.

2. Facilitate Experiences

Let’s face it – 2017 was the year of the mobile device. The experts recommended brands ensure they are findable and optimised for mobile devices, and those who heeded the call were rewarded. Now that everyone knows the world is going mobile, the focus has shifted to generating meaning.

What do we mean by generating meaning? Your customers don’t just want to buy your products and be done with it. Retail purchasing has become an outing for most – an experience that people look forward to.

So, 2018 should be the year that you develop meaningful transactions instead of mere financial ones. This can be done by offering patrons unique benefits when they spend money, or by making the purchasing process super fun – from start to finish – leaving your customers emotionally, psychologically and physically satisfied.

3. Nurture Your Tribe

Another serious branding and marketing trend to keep an eye on in 2018 is that of building and nurturing a tribe. So, what exactly is your brand’s tribe?

Up until recently, social media followings were considered databases that brands could push content and advertisements towards. Nowadays, things have changed a little – especially the way companies regard their followers.

Your social media following is your tribe, and you are the chief. Your job is to figure out what your tribe needs the most, and deliver this to them. Your brand’s social media channels should be safe places for your tribe; where they come to feel better about their lives.

Treat them like your tribe members – like your family – and they’ll feel like your family. Once they feel like your family, they’ll support you for life.

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