12 Essential Branded Business Items

Branded Business Items - Gazebo, director chairs and flag

12 Essential Branded Business Items

You’d be surprised how many companies, across the globe, are at this very moment conducting business without any business signage above their door. Granted, signage isn’t digital, but there’s a reason some companies have been around for as long as they have – doing the basics right! One of these basics is getting your logo, slogan and contact details onto well-designed business signage and putting it up above your entranceway for the entire world to see and admire. #GoogleMaps

USB Flash Drives

Branded Business Items - Blue USB Flash Drive

Nothing says we’re cutting edge and therefore cool like having your own branded flash drives. Seriously, if we got a branded flash drive from some company just because why not, we’d SERIOUSLY consider heading to Google and checking out the website of this trendy company that sends out free USB sticks. Just don’t fall into the I’m sure they won’t need more than 250MB trap. Remember: It’s more likely to be used to transfer movies or other large video files, so consider at least 2GB of space.

Branded Pens

Branded Business Items - Open Fountain Pen

Branded business items are essentially instances of mutual benefit between the company and the receiver. The item itself serves a purpose and can be used by the receiver, in exchange for what is known as the mere exposure effect. In a nutshell, it means that the more someone is exposed to a message – the greater the chance of them remembering and retaining the conveyed information. Everyone uses a pen at some point while at work, right? Branded pens have impressive longevity (unless you’ve given one to a writer), and because people always borrow pens, the more people come into contact with your branding.


Ever notice how there‘s always official sponsors associated with sports teams? This is because people are crazy for sport – no matter what it is. We revel in the opportunity to pack into stadiums and line school fields, cheering our preferred teams on to victory. Should you ever decide to sponsor a sports team – be it a school team, provincial, or national team – consider investing in branded gazebos and a few branded parasols. These are essential outdoor promotional resources, and can be deployed pretty much anywhere that there’s soft ground.

Coffee Mugs

Branded Business Items - Christmas Coffee Mug

What’s the first thing you do when you get into the office in the morning? If you’re like the rest of us, you make yourself a beverage of the warm variety. These are usually consumed from ceramic mugs, which can quite easily be spotted on most desks and in most work spaces at any time of the day. This is why companies often send their suppliers and other partners boxes of good-looking, branded coffee mugs. If they’re cool enough, and dishwasher safe, you can bet your bottom rand they’ll be seeing your brand for years to come.

Mouse Pads

Branded Business Items - Mouse Pad that Looks Like a Carpet

Here’s another office item people use – and look at – for eight hours a day, five days a week. You’d be surprised how many organisations fail to supply their desk-based employees with mouse pads. Most just bring their own from home. This means that, should you send a box of durable mouse pads tastefully branded to a business, chances are they’ll be under mechanical pointing devices that same day.

Director’s Chairs

Contrary to popular belief, director’s chairs aren’t only found on the sets of big-shot Hollywood film productions. Branded director’s chairs are high-end corporate gifts, and can be used in reception areas and waiting rooms as extra seating. These are also fantastic promotional tools to take along on road shows, or to exhibition events where company representatives will be interacting directly with the public. PS: nothing says I’ve made it like you own branded director’s chair, in your office, with THE BOSS printed on the back.


Branded Business Items - Calendar with Circled Date

What’s the date today? You just looked to the bottom right of your screen didn’t you? Yes, our modern technological gadgets are all able to tell us the date and time, but what would we do if they had never been invented? We’d probably still be using printed calendars. Wall calendars are promotional hits, especially if every month is accompanied by an appealing graphic (the nature of which will depend on the recipient company’s culture). Desk calendars are even better, as they’re used to make notes on – how convenient!


Branded Business Items - Man with Dark Branded Shirt On

Seriously looking to impress your clients or suppliers (or staff for that matter)? Two words: branded clothing. For the company’s staff compliment: branded t-shirts and branded caps. For the managers: branded golf shirts and socks (invite them to a round of 18-holes). For the CEO – and his wife – branded wind breakers and perhaps a scarf. You never know when someone might want to pop to the shops, throwing on your branded shirt or cap, only to be spotted by your next big client in the fresh vegetables isle.

Banner Walls

Banner Walls

Do you regularly host events at your business? You should be! Events, be they product launches or networking opportunities, are great for giving people an intimate insight into your brand’s culture and vision. Larger events, like the type that might attract local newspapers, are incomplete without branded banner walls providing the perfect backdrop for photographs to document the occasions. Who knows, you might make it into the paper!

Water/Protein Bottles

Branded Business Items - Blue and Silver Water Bottles in a Row

With a serious move towards health and overall wellness by society at large in the last 10 years or so, exercise facilities like gyms and fitness studios are making a killing year on year. You know who else is? Water bottle manufacturers! Everyone needs a water bottle at gym, right? Water bottles are placed next to miniature towels by sweaty exercisers at every piece of equipment, and these water bottles are seen by all in the vicinity.

Power Banks

Branded Business Items - Black Cylindrical Power Bank Charging a Phone

Just like giving out branded USB sticks, show your tech-savvy side as an organisation with branded power banks. The more we use our smart phones to manage and plan our lives, the faster their batteries deplete. The solution? Portable electricity! Power banks come in various shapes and sizes these days, and are fantastic corporate gift options as part of packages for middle to upper-management individuals.